Yin Yang Yoga (All levels)

This wholistic class has the perfect balance of Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Meditation. Start your practice by slowly opening up the body with long-held yin yoga postures that intentionally target the connective tissues. Mindfully progress through an alignment based vinyasa flow to tone and strengthen the body, while synchronizing the breath with movement. Practice will conclude with meditation.

Accessible Yoga

“The Chair or Mat Yoga for Every Body.” As we mature, our needs are different. And, we want a yoga style that is focused on our needs. Accessible Yoga is not a gym style of yoga. It is designed as more of a therapeutic style of yoga to help improve your health with your practice. Join us and strengthen your nervous system. Massage your organs and glands. Feel be er, have fun, enjoy your yoga practice in a chair, on a mat, or switch for different exercises.

Gentle Yoga (all levels)

Perfect if you have never tried yoga. Gentle Yoga is especially great for those recovering from an injury, senior citizens, or if you are a seasoned yogi wanting to slow down your practice. Standing postures are kept to a minimum and broken down step-by-step, and as always the focus is on building awareness through proper breathing techniques. The postures can be modified to accommodate all levels and body types.

Hatha Basics (all levels)

Get back to the basics and build your yoga postures from the roots to the branches. Learn the foundation of a Hatha yoga practice that includes asanas (postures), simple transitions, pranayam (breathing techniques), relaxation, and meditation. We stick to the classic poses and techniques in order for you to build good habits as a beginner, or revisit them again if you’re a seasoned yogi..

Hatha Yoga  (all levels)

A practice for those who enjoy a class that is slow and steady. Class includes techniques to soothe the mind by using the breath; physical postures to improve flexibility and strength; and deep relaxation and meditation. With regular practice, Hatha Yoga will aid both the mind and the body into a place of inner peace.  The aim of Hatha Yoga is to merge/unify both the left and right sides of the body. Essentially, balance, which is why all postures are repeated on the left and right side of the body.

Hatha Yoga II (intermediate)

A practice for those with some basic experience and are ready to explore a bit more. Class includes techniques to soothe the mind by using the breath; moderate level physical postures to improve flexibility and strength; and deep relaxation and meditation…..but be ready to play with new postures, more complex variations of traditional poses, as well as some more advanced postures (and, YES, some arm balances and inversions!). With regular practice, Hatha yoga II will contribute to an even deeper opening in the body, creating space for a solid yoga practice.

Yin Yoga (all levels)

Yin yoga is a practice of long-held and deeply penetrating poses with a focus on the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. These asanas open and energize the body, restoring youthful joint mobility. All poses are designed to revitalize the deeper connective tissue and help restore balance and harmony in your body and mind. Poses are held longer to liberate the body’s chronic holding patterns and relieve pain. Yin Yoga enables you to heal yourself, move out negative emotions, prevent injury, and find a deep sense of peace in your body, mind, and spirit.

Warm Power Vinyasa – $10 Cash  Donation

Warm Power Vinyasa – $10 Cash Donation

Join us every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm for an invigorating, light-hearted warm vinyasa flow led by the dynamic Amanda Reh (founder of Yoga In Lake Eola Park). Amanda is a pillar in the donation-based yoga community. “More people need more yoga and it needs to be affordable. So let’s just do yoga,okay?!” You will be given 75 minutes of energetic, centering, fluid and inspirational yoga at a suggested cash donation of $10.
Amanda’s refreshing guidance to movement meditation will leave you feeling grounded,restored and at peace.
*please note: this class is separate from all class packages*

Vinyasa Flow (all levels)

With movements that smoothly lead you from one posture into the next, Harmony Flow class will help dissolve your worries and to-do lists. Generating more heat in the body, this class is geared to those who want a more active experience in yoga class. It is taught in a playful and creative environment where students are encouraged to be curious and expressive as they explore and evolve in their yoga practice. You can take it easy with a basic approach or you can kick it up a notch, trying inversions and arm balances. The class atmosphere fosters free expression and positivity. Towards the end you will relax into deep, lengthening seated postures that promote excellent joint restoration and flexibility. The class ends with a blissful rest that will leave you feeling open and rejuvenated.

Slow Flow Yoga (all levels)

Class focuses on finding a slower, organic movement in connection with one’s breath, allowing students to find his/her individualized practice.  This purposeful movement may provide increased clarity of the mind, a deeper connection with the body, and a higher alignment with one’s True Self.  The class explores the biomedical aspect of  yoga, with education on how Yoga may improve health and overall well-being.  Young Living Essential Oils are offered.

Restorative Yoga with Meditation and Bowl (All levels)

Release, relax, and rejuvenate in this class designed for all bodies. Perfect for anyone looking for a more restful approach to their yoga practice. A perfect counter-balance to the stresses of life, this practice encourages the body and mind to unwind, relieves tension and pain, balances energy and supports the healing process. Emphasis is on making the postures as comfortable as possible through the usage of yoga props. Long supported holds of 5-20 minutes gives space for each practitioner to relax. Postures, soothing wholesome breath-work and calming music all layer together to provide a space to explore your ability to soften on and off the yoga mat. Class ends with guided meditation and the playing of Tibetan bowls.

Mindful Movement (All levels)

If you are brand new to yoga or want to gain more overall flexibility, balance and strength, this class is for you. Mindful Movement is slow-paced allowing time for students to learn each yoga pose and find proper alignment. You will be guided through a sequence of reclining, seated and standing postures while also learning yoga breathing techniques for relaxation. This class will offer a lot of attention to detail for each pose, as well as more personalized instruction within a group setting. Mindful Movement is suitable for brand new yoga students and all levels of practitioners who want to increase their knowledge of fundamental Vinyasa yoga.

Flow & Restore

Practice a Yin posture followed by a restorative posture. This class includes stretching and resting for the body and mind.